Wes Bush

Wes Bush, founder of ProductLed, stands out as a seasoned expert in the realm of product-led growth. His career journey, marked by a significant role at Vidyard, showcases his deep understanding of the B2B SaaS sector. Wes' insights into the criticality of effective onboarding in enhancing self-serve revenues have been groundbreaking. He's not just a strategist but also a candid entrepreneur who openly shares his struggles with control, the fears of business dependency on his persona, and the challenges of building a brand around himself. Wes is not only focused on present success but also on shaping a future where his business thrives independently, leveraging the synergy of content, code, people, and capital. His vision extends beyond immediate business goals, encompassing a desire to inspire and guide fellow entrepreneurs in overcoming fears, harnessing their strengths, and building visionary enterprises.

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