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No bull$h!t startup success hype! By embracing transparency and amplifying diverse voices, we are crafting a brighter and more inclusive future for tomorrow's entrepreneurs.

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Heleana Tiburca - CEO and cofounder of Vidoedeck as a host on a Misfit Founders podcast with Biro Florin

About the show

A genuine and unscripted series spotlighting the raw, authentic journeys of founders. Ditching rehearsed interviews, we dive deep into real struggles, lessons, and uncharted territories of startup life, fostering conversations that are both intimate and enlightening.

  • Created for and by entrepreneurs
  • New episodes every Monday
  • Talks with diverse and authentic founders
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What our listeners say

Misfit Founders podcast - rushiaskinnerwallace6176 on Youtube
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Not sure why I clicked initially, as I had no idea who either of you was prior to this, but am glad I listened to the end. Got a lot from this.

Misfit Founder testimonial - vteodora on Youtube
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Love this episode not only because I work with Chris. So thank you, guys, for this pleasant and non-formal conversation.

@vteodora on Youtube

About the host

Biro is a founder who faced countless setbacks and buckets of self-doubt before finally finding his path. A serial entrepreneur who failed many ventures before successfully building and selling his SaaS business.

This 'misfit' identity, coupled with his deep-rooted passion for helping others, inspired him to establish Misfit Founders.

Biro Florin, host and Founder of Misfit Founders podcasts

Biro Florin

Entrepreneur, Investor & Podcaster

Biro is a founder, investor and podcast host. He invests and mentors several early stage startups.

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