Why is Pain So Normalised in Women's Healthcare? Pioneering Scientist Dr. Claudia Uncovers The Shocking Truth About Chronic Pelvic Pain Conditions

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This week, I chat to Dr. Claudia, the founder of Bloom Health, a revolutionary new science-backed service tackling the massively overlooked field of chronic pelvic pain in Women's Health.

As a scientist who suffers with symptoms herself, Claudia was astounded to learn there has been no research at all in this field. We discuss the shocking bias against women in medical research, and the societal taboos that still exist around conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Vulvodynia and Vaginismus.

Claudia shares her transformative journey from academia to the forefront of women's health innovation, and how she bridges this gap with her work.

Claudia leads us through the inception of Bloom Health, from the highs of being oversubscribed with customers, to the challenges of raising financial investment for Fem-Tech.

Claudia's aspirations for Bloom Health resonate with the importance of continued research and destigmatization of conditions like vulvodynia. We delve into the power of books in shaping our mental health and strategies, and the role that lifestyle choices play in our overall well-being. This episode promises more than just an interview; it's a revelation of how we've still got a long way to go before systemic prejudices against women are removed. Claudia is truly on a mission to change the world.

Episode Transcript

Dr. Claudia's foray into the intersection of women's health and technology is nothing short of revolutionary. Her journey from an academic background to becoming an entrepreneur is not just inspiring, but it sheds light on a vital area of healthcare that has long been neglected. Chronic pelvic pain is an ailment that has affected countless women silently, with the bias of ignoring women in medical research contributing to a lack of effective treatments and a societal norm that has, for too long, turned a deaf ear to their suffering.

In this episode, Dr. Claudia from Bloume Health lays bare the realities of this overlooked field. Her account is a powerful testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to start a business with a profound mission. This journey isn't merely about business; it's a reflection of the broader landscape of health treatments and the future role of AI in personalizing care.

The inception of Bloume Health was rooted in Dr. Claudia's frustration with the status quo of women's healthcare. The realization that there was an immense research gap in chronic pelvic pain propelled her to utilize her academic background to create a solution that wasn't just research-based but also practical and accessible. Her transition from academia to entrepreneurship encapsulates the challenges faced when moving from a world of theory to one that demands a marriage of scientific integrity and commercial viability.

Our conversation with Dr. Claudia emphasizes the importance of user experience in healthcare technology. This factor often gets overlooked in the academic world, yet it's crucial for the success of any tech company, especially in the health sector. Dr. Claudia's story also underlines the significance of support systems that aid entrepreneurs in maintaining their vision and well-being as they navigate the complexities of startup life.

As we look toward the future, Dr. Claudia shares her aspirations for Bloume Health. Her goals extend beyond the company itself, touching upon the importance of ongoing research and the destigmatization of conditions like vulvodynia. She stresses the potential for collaboration with academic institutions to advance understanding and treatment options. It's clear that her mission is not just to offer solutions but also to initiate change in the way society views and deals with women's health issues.

She emphasizes the critical role that lifestyle choices play in our overall well-being. Dr. Claudia highlights the influence of diet and exercise on mental health and the positive effects of self-care through simple acts like meal preparation. She brings to light the issues associated with ultra-processed foods and their impact on our health, reinforcing the message that our daily choices significantly affect our physical and mental state.

This episode is a powerful reminder that pain can indeed fuel a global mission. Dr. Claudia's pursuit to alleviate suffering for many is leading to a revolution in the landscape of women's health, and her story serves as an inspiration for those who dare to turn their pain into purpose.

Biro Florin - host of the Misfit Founders podcast, startup founder and angel investor

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