Horror Film Producer Leroy Kincaide: Finding Your Creative Calling & Break into the Film Industry

Episode Description

This week's guest Leroy Kincaide is the founder of Nocturnal Pictures,  an award-winning film production company who's debut horror film The Last Rite was recently released by Hulu, Amazon and Sky Store, with a glowing score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes.  He shares his amazing story of making the film on a sub £30,000 budget, from taking on multiple roles himself behind the camera, to by-passing film school, and throwing the script-writing rule-book out the window.  

Oh, and one other thing, he pivoted to this career path from the word of professional wrestling.

As we unravel his story,  we discuss the tenacity required for such a leap of faith, and Leroy reflects on his wrestling roots while giving us an insider's look at how he cracked the film industry from such an unlikely position.

Leroy's infectious passion for storytelling invites listeners to consider the power of genuine expression and the liberation that comes with it.

We delve into the Law of Attraction; and and how it's really possible to use manifestation to achieve your dream career.

Whether you're in search of artistic motivation or a push towards self-realization, our conversation will definitely inspire you on your own personal journey.

Episode Transcript

In a world that thrives on sensational stories and inspiring transformations, Leroy Kincaide stands out as a testament to the power of authenticity and the strength of the human spirit. His journey from the grueling realm of professional wrestling to the nuanced craft of film production offers a unique narrative that captivates the imagination. Leroy's evolution is not just a career pivot but a holistic approach to life, drawing on the principles of the Law of Attraction and an unyielding commitment to personal truth.

Leroy's tenure in the wrestling industry taught him more than just physical prowess; it instilled in him a Spartan-like determination to succeed against all odds. The grit required to perform in the ring is paralleled in the tenacity needed to navigate the film industry. His story, shared on the "Misfit Founders" podcast, serves as an inspiration to anyone standing at the crossroads of change, encouraging a leap into the unknown with confidence and passion.

Nocturnal Pictures, Leroy's brainchild, is a reflection of his dedication to storytelling and his relentless pursuit of authentic expression. The company's growth, highlighted by feature films like "The Last Rite," showcases his ability to craft narratives that resonate with audiences across various platforms. The journey of Nocturnal Pictures is not just about box office success but also about the integrity of its creative vision, offering a beacon for aspiring filmmakers.

Leroy's embrace of the Law of Attraction is a key theme in the podcast episode, revealing how the philosophy has shaped his life choices and career trajectory. His personal account of encountering Bob Proctor's teachings around the age of 28 underscores the transformative potential of self-evaluation and intentional living. It is a compelling narrative for anyone seeking motivation to forge a life of purpose and conviction.

In an industry often rife with self-censorship, Leroy stands out for his candidness and refusal to dilute his voice. The conversation with him on "Misfit Founders" is raw and unfiltered, mirroring the very principles he lives by. This authenticity is what endears him to listeners and serves as a powerful reminder of the liberation that comes with owning one's truth.

As Leroy continues to script his success from bodyslams to the box office, his story encourages others to navigate their own paths with clarity and focus. His experiences serve as a blueprint for those looking to make their mark in the world, emphasizing the significance of being true to oneself in the face of conformity.

In conclusion, Leroy Kincaide's transformation from pro wrestler to film maverick is a narrative that captures the essence of passion and perseverance. His insights into the Law of Attraction, coupled with his commitment to authenticity, offer valuable lessons for anyone striving to live a life unbound by limitations. As Kinkade's journey unfolds, it continues to inspire a new generation of misfit founders to follow in his footsteps, proving that with enough belief and hard work, any dream is within reach.

Biro Florin - host of the Misfit Founders podcast, startup founder and angel investor

Biro Florin

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Biro is a founder, investor and podcast host. He invests and mentors several early stage startups.

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